Thursday, February 23, 2017

OSCP-like Vulnhub VMs

Before starting the PWK course I solved little over a dozen of the Vulnhub VMs, mainly so I don't need to start from rock bottom on the PWK lab. Below is a list of machines I rooted, most of them are similar to what you'll be facing in the lab. I've written walkthroughs for a few of them as well, but try harder first ;)


Beginner friendly:
 Not so sure (Didn't solve them yet):


There aren't many Windows machines around due to licensing. Few options:
  • Hack The Box: Got a nice set of Windows machines from Windows 2000 up to Windows 8.1 I believe.
  • Metasploitable 3, will download a trial version of Windows Server.
  • you can download Windows VMs legally then hack your way through them through an unpatched vulnerability or setting up a vulnerable software.
  • Set up your own lab. Default Windows XP SP0 will give you the chance to try out a few remote exploits, or doing some privilege escalation using weak services.
  • /dev/random: Sleepy (Uses VulnInjector, need to provide you own ISO and key.)
  • Bobby: 1 (Uses VulnInjector, need to provide you own ISO and key.)


      1. Dear, Im weak in website attack. what can i do , please suggest.

        1. Hey Habib,

          If you're only interested in topics covered in PWK, the links above should be enough, otherwise check "The Web Application Hacker's Handbook"

      2. Thx!! I'm looking for something like that for days... :-)

      3. What are your thoughts on Metasploitable3? Any benefit of making a practice AD Lab.

      4. Going to take the OSCP soon, how difficult are the difficult ones from the labs compared to the intermediate VM's above, i.e Sufferance, Pain or whatever they're called?

      5. Nice Article ;-). Good for beginning. thanks

      6. Guys, who knows why machine: FristiLeaks: 1.3 don't get address IP from DHCP?